Estd 2017

Welcome to HungaryVFR

the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 scenery

explore the lands and the skies of hungary!



Our airports are all totally free!

With the addition of more than 15 airports, we would like to bring you the airports of our nation!

All of our packages are compatible with LHSimulations products because compatibility is crucial to us. However, we are unaware of any other local content.



There are so many places to see and things to do in Hungary.

Many thousands of unique items have been positioned in Budapest alone! In a simulator, Hungary has never been so realistic!

We also bring you the other important cities, as well as the mood of the original countryside, in addition to the capital.



We make use of our own library, which is full of items.

It also includes many dynamic objects, which alter in response to the environment and other factors in addition to static items.

By linking to our library in their scenic projects, other developers are able to use the library in their own creations.


Chek out some of our screenshots