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Many of you ask how you can donate to the HungaryVFR Team. Since this is the work of several people over several years, it could not be carried out fairly and proportionally, and we believe that there could be a better place for the incoming donations. It gives me a great pleasure to present to you our new charity program, through which you can directly support the Hungarian Air Ambulance (HEMS).
All donations goes directly to Hungarian Air Ambulance (HEMS)!

On behalf of the Hungarian Air Ambulance (HEMS), we are pleased to announce the opening of our charitable donation program at Numerous lives have been saved throughout Hungary thanks to the HEMS's provision of vital medical assistance to individuals in need. However, the public donations that are necessary for their life-saving efforts are where we come in. All donations made to our program go directly to HEMS, therefore by doing so, you will be directly assisting them in their vital job. No matter how big or small your donation, it may truly make a difference and ensure that the HEMS can keep offering essential services to those in need. Join us in changing the world right now!

Support Hungarian Air Ambulance

Spend 1% of your tax money to support the lifesaving work of Hungarian Air Ambulance (HEMS)!
You have the option to donate 1% of your tax to the Hungarian Air Ambulance (HEMS) if you pay taxes in Hungary!

Donate 1% of your TAX

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